Fenton’s Berry Farm and Market | Harrison, AR


Fenton’s has been a really fun project for me because the owner has been so excited to learn. Roni Fenton is one of my most excited clients to date. After each meeting she would go and research more on SEO and other web marketing technologies so she would be even better at developing her site.

Fenton’s Berry Farm and Farm Market is a small business in Harrison, Arkansas and they produce a varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as a collection of jams. One of our projects was creating an eCommerce website so during the winters they could have a more healthy income. Roni and her husband went plant based about 6 months before we started working together and since then started running small meetings locally to help teach others about the virtues of a plant-based diet 🙂

You can learn more about their shop and farm at FentonsBerryFarm.com


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November 18, 2017

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