Thank you for connecting with Loving Cooperative. Our first meeting will normally be about 2 hours long but the initial consultation has sometimes gone as long as 4 hours. There is so much to talk about. Below is the tools that you will need for our meeting:

1. Meeting Software:

We use a software called Team Viewer for all of our meetings. This allows us to collaborate more efficiently. We even use it when we are in the same room as a client. You may download the recent version of Team Viewer from their website. Teamviewer works great on both PC and Mac, but Loving Cooperative does prefer PC.

When Installing:

  • Choose Basic Installation
  • Personal Use (Loving Cooperative has already paid the $1500/year for the corporate license to connect to our clients)

Download Team Viewer

Mac OSX 14.1 or Newer?

CLICK HERE to read instructions on setting up accessibility and screen sharing.

Your Resistance is your destiny, LOVE & embrace it!

2. What to expect?

Expect the unexpected or simply release all expectations. Expectations only hold us back. Loving Cooperative doesn’t do anything in a traditional manner. We do recommend all of our clients to leave their ego elements (including fear) at the door, this allows us to progress much more efficiently. We have to warn you that this process is not necessarily going to be comfortable. Nothing in the universe grows in a place of comfort. If the goal is to grow personally and/or professionally, then letting go of comfort is going to be required.

3. Ongoing Meetings and Scheduling

After the first meeting we schedule the next meeting. For some clients we meet weekly and others it is every other week or less often. We do our best to work with the schedules of our Loving Cooperative partners. Most meetings are scheduled between 10am-6pm pst but on occassion we do offer earlier or later meetings, such as when we are supporting single moms who work full time.


Please remember to leave your ego at the door. 

4. Who Calls Who & Meeting Length?

Please call us on the phone when you are ready for our meeting. The reason for this arrangement is that we work with the clients before you call and do not end until the next client calls. This gives us the opportunity to go a bit further with each client when time allows. 

Most meetings are 2 hours long but depending on the client some will go beyond that and sometimes we set 1 hour meetings. The shorter meetings often happen after working together for a while and we are just touching base to make sure everything in the company is flowing smoothly.

5. Thank you!

Thank you for allowing us to support your organization 🙂 We do understand how scary it can be to hand your project/company over to another ones hands but we promise to always do our very best and help you thrive. We have watched clients move from an uncomfortable space to a free flowing one and that is when we really get to have fun because the limitations are gone 🙂 Nothing of value happens in the universe while in a comfortable space.

This is going to be a LOT of fun! 🙂

Don’t Control, Just Flow.

Recommended Readings

Ego Is The Enemy
Ryan Holiday

While we view this as an ideal follow-up to “Good to Great,” it stands as a remarkable piece of business literature on its own. Rich Roll’s recommendation led us to discover Ryan’s insightful book.

Check it out here.

Finding Ultra

Rich Roll

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to become their best self. This book along with Rich’s podcast lead to the journey which in time created the organization you are  currently viewing. After you read the book be sure to check out his podcast. Every week he meets with visionaries of our time and discusses hundreds of topics on how to excell beyond our greatest imagination.

Check it out here. 

Good to Great
Jim Collins

This classic business book explores the reasons behind the success of some businesses and the challenges faced by others in getting off the ground. Valuable insights can be gained, applicable not only to for-profit corporations but also to various endeavors.
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The World Peace Diet

Will Tuttle

This book highlights the profound impact of our daily choices on the planet, emphasizing our ability to contribute to world peace, beginning with the food on our dinner tables.

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The Happiness Hypothesis

Jonathan Haidt

This book laid the foundation for my beliefs that excessive wealth doesn’t lead to happiness and, in fact, correlates with increased unhappiness. If you’re ready to release attachments, this book can guide you. It took years to implement the insights, but you can credit this book for inspiring the creation of Loving Cooperative. 

Check it out here.