WordPress Recommendations and Resources

Here are a bunch of resources which will make building your website easier and also safer. We have personally used all of the tools recommended and use them on most if not all of our grant recipient websites. Certain paid resources are included with all grant recipients websites. It is just another way we love to give and share 🙂

Secure your Site: Today there is no reason to not use an SSL certificate and Let’s Encrypt makes the certificates free! Let’s Encrypt is a non-profit arm of the Linux Foundation. They are a Certificate Authority which provides free encryption certificates for websites to help keep our world wide web safe. This is such a great cause! You can get your free certificate here. I use this service on all of my web projects. I highly recommend Really Simple SSL, a wordpress plugin if you are using wordpress for your site. If you are on a windows server you may use this new tool Cerify, which is currently in beta. I have used it on this website and many others. It seems to be working great! The Let’s Encrypt Certificates require refreshing every 3 months. This tool does that job. I believe it happens automatically but you can manually refresh your certificates anytime using the tool.